Seeking Supervision for Your Psychology Practice or Mental Health Team?

Look No Further!

Are you a dedicated psychology or mental health practice owner looking to provide top-notch support for your team’s professional development, without compromising your unique practice culture? Look no further than Creating Change Psychology!

With over two decades of experience in the field, our seasoned supervisors offer tailored guidance and mentorship designed to complement, not overshadow, your practice ethos. Whether it’s enhancing clinical skills, navigating ethical dilemmas, or optimising client engagement strategies, our supervision sessions are crafted to align seamlessly with your existing team dynamics and values.

clinical supervision for your team of psychologists

Why Choose Creating Change Psychology for Supervision?

Respect for Your Practice Culture: We understand the importance of preserving your practice’s unique culture and ethos. Our supervision approach respects and enhances your existing framework, ensuring alignment with your values.

Tailored Support: We recognise that every psychology practice is different. Our supervisors work closely with you to understand your team’s needs and goals, providing customised support that complements your practice’s mission and vision.

Collaborative Partnership: We view supervision as a collaborative partnership, where your practice’s identity and values are central. Our goal is to empower your team members to grow within the context of your practice, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Proven Results: Countless psychology practices have benefited from our supervision services, witnessing improved client outcomes and team performance while maintaining their unique practice identity.

Early Career Training Program: Incorporating all the early career challenges like note taking, legal worries, report writing and competency concerns, we have training sessions to complement the supervision to fast track learning to make running the practice easier.

Elevate your psychology practice to new heights with supervision from Creating Change Psychology.
Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards unlocking your team’s full potential, while honouring your practice’s individuality.

Together, let’s create positive change in the lives of your clients and your practice, while respecting and preserving what makes your practice truly special!

Meet Your Supervisors


Rebecca Deane
MPsych (Clinical), MA (Forensic Psych), BA (Psych), MAPS, CCLIN


Gretchen De Martin
BPsych BArts (Psych), GradDip Management Practice, MAPS

debbie 1

Dr Debbie Collaros
PhD (Forensic Medicine & Pathology), MPsych (Couns), MPsych (Research), BA AppPsych (Hons), MAPS