Often we can find ourselves in a bit of a slump. Feeling flat or sluggish with no motivation.
Or we may feel stressed or overwhelmed with life.

It can be hard to work out what you can do to lift yourself back up and get out of these flat or out of control feelings. What do you do if you feel overwhelmed? What will and won’t work?

You may have days where you might be feeling really unmotivated, or overwhelmed, maybe distressed or sad, or even a bit lonely. You may feel like resorting to caffeine, energy drinks or sugary sweets to try pick yourself up. It’s important to try and recognise these feelings and understand what it is that your body needs. Our brain releases different chemicals to help regulate our moods. If you can identify what brain chemical you need a boost in, you can feel better, much quicker.

Psychologist Paris Gibson unpacks what the body’s “Happy Hormones” are, and how you can trigger these chemical releases in your body.