Is your child struggling with their attention and focus?
Are you feeling the pressure as a parent & worried what the future holds?

It’s normal as a parent to feel concern for our children. There’s a lot they need to learn in their early years of life and school, so naturally you worry and care for their wellbeing.

What does it mean if your child begins to struggle with their learning and has focus challenges? 

They may not be able to focus properly within the classroom and have a short attention span. Understanding your child’s ability to learn and retain information is important, as it demonstrates how they will perform in a school setting. It also demonstrates how they’ll engage in meaningful relationships with friends and family. 

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The impact on children experiencing difficulties with focus and attention effects them not only in their home and school life, but also their family environment. This can include completing tasks, engaging in conversations, and carrying out activities. Having this pressure placed on you, the parent, can also create an unfavorable environment for your child. 

There are however effective ways to manage attention, concentration and focus difficulties. At home you can create a manageable, conformable and conducive environment for them.   

How to Assist Your Child

  • In my experience, what assists children experiencing these difficulties is consistency and routine. 
  • Acknowledging that there will be distractions (and that it is okay!), then redirecting them back to the task to re-engage – this is really important!
  • Follow this up with praising them, to create an environment your child enjoys. 
  • You want them to try the task, even if their distracted, and have them feel that you understand them. 

Is it ADHD?

Did you know that 6-7% of children are diagnosed with ADHD, and 65% of children with ADHD continue to have some symptoms in adult hood? Children generally experience symptoms for many years. Finding an approach that assists your child early-on, will better equip them to navigate through school and life. If you’re unsure whether your child has ADHD, please reach out to our team and we can assist you and your family through this process.

If you’re supporting your child with their ADHD, here are some effective ways you can assist them…

4 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Attention and Focus Challenges 

  1. Create a clear and consistent daily schedule, and follow it
  2. Break large tasks into smaller, more achievable tasks 
  3. Ensure a distraction free zone to give your child the best opportunity for task completion
  4. Praise and reward your child when tasks are completed

Following these steps creates positive reinforcement for your child, and they are likely to engage in small tasks – even when slightly distracted – so they receive the reward or praise. 

Small Actions to Help at Home

  • Remove distractions and ensure a space is clean and conducive for the tasks being completed
  • If any instructions you give are forgotten, or they become distracted, redirect them back to the task you’re focusing on
  • Remember to use praise to reinforce this redirection so they stay on track

Written by Cassandra Wesley Klements – Psychologist –
Hills District Psychologist