Is your child avoiding their homework, getting easily distracted or finding it hard to read?
Does your child have meltdowns, hate going to school or seem to be getting into more trouble?

The beginning of each school year can be an apprehensive time for parents. We worry which teacher they will have this year. Were they going through a phase last year? Was it just a bad year? Will they get back on track this year or am I starting to see signs they are actually struggling to keep up?

Your feelings are common
It is understandable for parents to feel concerned if their child is struggling; whether it be learning to read, losing focus, or having a hard time when trying to complete their homework.

When your child promises they are trying their best with tears of sadness and defeat in their eyes, parents want to fix it. At Creating Change we often meet parents who recognise that something is not working for their child. They desperately want to help, but they don’t know how or where to start.

As psychologists we know that 10-16% of children experience difficulties in the learning process ( These can often be overlooked when at school there are 30 children competing for a teacher’s focus, or at home when we are juggling responsibilities to just get through the day.

In our experience it is essential that you, as the parent understand exactly what is happening in your child’s functioning. This enables you the resources to help your child understand their individual needs and to establish a successful learning plan in the school and home environments.

Comprehensive Learning Assessments are the most effective way to identify the specific elements of your child’s learning that may be delayed. Their learning strength’s and challenges can be identified so, as parents, we can assist them to develop confidence but understand what areas may require extra work. Further, learning assessments can compare the difference between what your child is capable of achieving, with what they are actually achieving.

We understand that taking all of this information on board can be overwhelming at first, but Creating Change is known for assisting parents like you through this process. All children should have the chance to reach their full potential, and a Comprehensive Learning Assessment may be the right step towards making this a reality for your child.

Give your child the bright future that you have always wanted for them.

To learn more about what to expect in a Learning Assessment or how to book an assessment visit us at Creating Change.

Written by Dr Bianca Heng – Clinical Psychologist –

Girl struggling in class