Have you ever walked away from an appointment thinking what just happened?
I can’t remember what he just said, it was all too quick and he lost me at “you have………”

You make time to schedule an important health appointment, take time out of your day because you’re concerned. The problem has become such that you need to do something about it. You may have some idea about what is happening, when it started and why, but you need to speak to a professional.

Then you arrive at the appointment, wait patiently, you’re called in and bam the appointment is over. You have listed your concerns, the professional has rattled off their opinion in a quick summary.  You get home and your family ask “so what happened?”. “Did you ask this, did they tell you that?” You find you have very little information, clarification and so many questions still unanswered. What you were told is hard to recall.

If this sounds familiar read on…..we have heard this story all too often. As a customer of services, you don’t just want information, you want solutions too. The average time people spend in a doctor’s appointment is 20 minutes (Health News, Reuters 29/11/2017), yet we spend on average an hour a day on social media.

Hardly equates right?

If you break your leg, you know you will spend the time waiting for an x-ray, then waiting for the results and getting your leg set in plaster, or a boot to ensure the healing begins. It is likely you will then remain off your leg for the time it takes to heal effectively. So why then do we think that our mental health can be assessed, nurtured and redirected in 30-60 minutes?

Just like your body, your mental health needs focus. Preventative measures to stay well, and management measures when life’s situations set us off course.

In my 20+ years of Clinical Psychology experience it has become increasingly apparent that it takes time to understand how you work –  to assess your life experiences and the impact it’s had on you.  Allowing enough time to develop a healthy working relationship based on trust, professionalism and detail is essential for gains to be made. Further, an appointment where you are guided and nurtured through the process, creates a calm and open mind.

A space where you have time to share your whole story so you feel heard and understood is essential. Imagine then having the time to hear a thorough explanation of why you may be experiencing challenges, where things are misaligned, and what makes it keep repeating over and over. You walk away with no questions, rather a clear and specific understanding of why and what you need to do to move forward. In addition, you receive some helpful material that you can take home to family, and show what you have gained from your appointment.

I have heard it too many times. People feeling brushed aside, ill-informed and unsatisfied.

We want this to be the end of an era. The beginning of a time where the journey is fruitful.

Step one of ensuring we achieve this at Creating Change was to simply make sure we had the time. The time to spend with you. To listen to you and share with you.

At Creating Change we do things a little differently. You stay informed from the moment you make contact with us.  You are guided through the journey and advised on helpful preparation. We spend TWO HOURS with you to make sure you leave feeling heard, understood and informed. You are part of the team, making decisions. Now this may not be the way forward for everyone, some people want that speedy in and out service. However if this is not for you and you want the time invested, you’re welcome to take a look at our team. Find the therapist that can help you on your journey, then please give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you.

Written by Rebecca Deane – Senior Clinical Psychologist – www.creatingchange.net.au

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