Are you an expecting new mum?

Are you scared and anxious about the impending birth of your baby, and feel you don’t know what to do or how you’ll cope?

This week, 11-17th November, is Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Week, where Australian’s acknowledge the anxiety and stress new mums-to-be go through leading up to having a baby. 100,000 Australian families are affected by this every year, so at Creating Change Psychology we want to spread awareness to women everywhere, and let them know that it is ok, and there are people here to help you through this time.

Becoming a new mum or parent can be a stressful time, and it can take you a while to find your feet. Many expecting parents struggle and don’t seek help as they lack the understanding to know what is happening to them.

Affecting up to 1 in 5 new mums, and 1 in 10 dads, it is important to share information and awareness of the symptoms and signs to look for;

  • Feeling anxious or fearful of what lies ahead, that it is affecting your daily tasks
  • Distracted at work, not able to concentrate
  • Finding it difficult to relax
  • Taking a long time to fall asleep at night because your mind is racing
  • Having tense muscles, a tight chest or heart palpations
  • Constantly feeling irritable or on edge
  • Worrying about what may happen at the birth

At Creating Change Psychology we want you to enjoy your pregnancy and the early stages of caring for your newborn, so we are here to help new mums through this important life transition. Our experienced Psychologist Dr Louise Johnson is available to support you now so please feel free to contact us.

Written By Rebecca Deane – Senior Clinical Psychologist –
Expecting Parents

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