In supporting Australian Psychology Week (#psychweek), we want to create change by helping you to help others!

It’s the little things you do that can really make a difference. You could make someone’s day by:

  • Making them a meal
  • Offering to mind their children for 1 hour
  • Welcome someone over for a cuppa
  • Carry a bag for someone
  • Help someone with a trolley
  • Say hi to someone who is new
  • Help someone fit in by including them

At Creating Change Psychology, we’re trying to give people the skills to bring them healthy futures. Compass for Life and the Australian Psychological Society are campaigning to ensure Australians improve their wellbeing and happiness by promoting ways to thrive in life, in this digital age. #psychweek is what this is all about.

Did you know that psychological research confirms that social media can actually increase stress, disconnection, inefficiency and feelings of inadequacy?

So how can we harness technology to boost wellbeing and create a healthy digital life? (care of Compass For Life)

  1. Check your social media less – receiving constant notifications from social media and emails reduces producivity and increases stress.
  2. Be careful what you post – negative wording and interations online can bring suffering to your health.
  3. Take an active role – Rather than engaging in a passive way, actively create an online world tailored to your interests and values. Seek out social connections that boost your wellbeing rather than undermine it, just as you would offline.
  4. Block the bullies – social media has fuelled the rise of cyberbullying. However it is easy to report and block these individuals. Ensure your online social network enriches your life.
  5. Maintain perspective – Seeing a constant stream of friends or celebrities’ career and social successes can be a stark reminder of how ordinary your own life is, fostering envy and a sense of personal inadequacy.  Remember that people post edited highlights that create an image they want the world to see.
  6. Set boundaries around work – Constant access to email increases the risk of never really clocking off from work. This can affect personal aspects of your family time and life, such as sleep.
  7. Guard your sleep – People who use social media before or in bed, and those who keep notifications turned on overnight, are more likely to experience sleep problemsdecreased productivity and poor wellbeing during the day.
  8. Connect offline – Mindfully engage with people around you, to make you feel healthier.

If you are finding that you can’t seem to get a hold on your life and need some support, Creating Change Psychology is here to help – Contact Us.

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