Is 2024 not looking like you had hoped so far? Are you finding yourself sinking back into old habits from last year?

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As we move quickly through this year, you may still be filled with hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for positive change that you set at the start of the year. However, for some, the weight of low mood and relationship challenges can cast a shadow over these intentions, It can make it difficult to embrace the good intentions of a ‘fresh start’ in 2024. But fear not, because 2024 is the year to overcome these obstacles and reclaim control of your well-being and relationships. It’s not too late! Jump on it now – don’t wait another year and feel like you’re starting all over again in 2025.

I’m going to help you get on top of things with some insight into your challenges, and some advice you can put into practice at home.

Getting a Hold on Feelings of Low Mood

Low mood” – it’s another way of saying you’re experiencing feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or lack of motivation. You may feel sluggish, ‘down’, with no ‘spark’ or get up and go in you. Feeling like this continuously can have a big effect on so many aspects of your life, including friendships and relationships. Whether it’s conflict with a partner, strained familial bonds, or difficulties in social interactions with friends or peers, low mood can exacerbate existing challenges, as well as create new ones.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to neglect our mental and emotional health. We often  prioritise other responsibilities over self-care. However, ignoring our inner struggles only serves to perpetuate the cycle of low mood. Basically, it makes it worse, ultimately hindering our ability to lead fulfilling lives. The life you WANT!

How to Overcome Feelings of “Low Mood” and Relationship Challenges

  1. Self-Reflection and Awareness:
    Begin by reflecting on your own emotions and recognising patterns of low mood. How often are you feeling this way? Is there something that triggers you to feel like this? Acknowledge the impact these feelings may have on your relationships too. It can affect everything around you. Awareness is the first step towards positive change.
  2. Open Communication:
    Foster open and honest communication with your loved ones. Share your feelings, concerns, and aspirations – open up. Having someone to talk to, and feel supported by can strengthen connections, as well as help others understand what you’re going through, and why you may be acting the way you are. It helps them get a better understanding overall.
  3. Know When to Talk to a Psychologist:
    Don’t hesitate to seek the guidance of mental health professionals – we are experts in what we do and we understand the functions of the human brain, and your feelings on low mood better than you may understand it. We can provide valuable insights, coping strategies to help you day to day, and a safe space to navigate the complexities of your feelings of low mood and your affected relationships. Talking to a Psychologist means you can work on these things faster, and become better equipped to deal with them when they come up unexpectedly.
  4. Prioritise Self-Care:
    Take deliberate steps to care for your mental and emotional well-being – this means putting yourself first sometimes. Establish a self-care routine that works for you. Include activities you enjoy, mindfulness practices, and moments of relaxation – this is so important. Prioritising your own happiness positively impacts the dynamics of your relationships, and makes a big difference to how you FEEL every day. Don’t push self-care to the side.
  5. Set Some Realistic Goals:
    Take a moment to think about what you want this year? Break down your aspirations into manageable goals. By setting realistic expectations, you create a roadmap for personal growth and improvement personally, and in your friendships and relationships.

Can My Future Become Brighter?

If you want a brighter, more fulfilling year this year, don’t let these low feelings that get you down, and make you not feel like yourself challenges hold you back any longer. Now is the time to make change, so you can see positive changes quickly before the end of the year is here.

Embrace the opportunity that 2024 presents to prioritise your well-being and nurture meaningful connections with those around you. If you find yourself in need of further guidance and support on your journey towards emotional wellness know that help is available. Don’t hesitate to contact us for personalised therapy unique to your needs.

Written by Rebecca Deane – Clinical Psychologist –